Rich and thick dark chocolate
Top-quality powder that brings out the original taste of European chocolate Deep
flavor and creamy texture of real chocolate and cacao Can be made into latte,
frappe and other menus using the finest cacao beans


Barista Chocolate

Boasts excellent flavor of a real chocolate Deep and creamy dark chocolate low in sugar andhigh in cacao content
(800g X 12Pack / Box)

Raspberry Chocolate

Rich-flavored chocolate combined with sweet and fragrant raspberry
(800g X 12Pack / Box)


Orange Chocolate
A special harmony of pure chocolate and sweet, refreshing orange
(800g X 12Pack / Box)

White Chocolate
Added cocoa butter so it’s a enjoyable refresh fruits and dark espresso coffee together
(500g X 24Pack / Box)


Each product can find further recipes when clicked.


Chocolate Latte HOT (12oz)  Chocolate Powder 50~55g + Steam Milk 225~250ml

Chocolate Latte ICED(14oz)  Chocolate Powder 50~55g + Milk 125~150ml + Ice Cube

Frappe(14oz)  Chocolate Powder 40~50g + Milk 125ml + Ice Cube 200g

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