Tea Powder


Premium yogurt powder that captured the world with unique flavor

Yogurt created by mixing just milk and powder. Fat-free, natural color ingredients containing active probiotic bacteria,dietary fiber & Vitamin C. Can be made into smoothie, ice cream, bingsu (shaved ice dessert) and more


(1kg X 12Pack / Box)

Very Good Yo

Increases acidic taste of yogurt and sweet, can be used in variety drinks.

Very Good Yo

A fat-free, Color free yogurt highlighted with refreshing taste. Can be made into other desserts using fruit, jam, syrup and others.

Plain Yo

Thick and rich, a European style color-free & fat-free yogurt. Can bemade into other desserts using fruit,jam, syrup and others
Citron Yo

Banana Yo

Mango Yo


Coconut Yo


Strawberry Yo

Taro Yo

Blueberry Yo


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